Creation and total design of the first massive National Metro Ethernet IP/MPLS transport network for IP & TDM multiservices (Emulating Circuits) with 350 access nodes nationwide (Year 2011).

Similar projects


Full implementation and design of the first massive National Carrier Ethernet IP/MPLS Transport Network for multi-services IP with 100 access nodes at national level (Year 2010)


Construction and adaptation of 130 outdoor and indoor sites (Radiobases) and antennas (Civil Works) (Year 2009-2012)


Expansion of the Metro Ethernet Network (IP-NGN) in 150 outdoor and indoor sites (Radiobases) and antennas (Civil Works) (Year 2014 - 2015)

Municipal Government of Santa Cruz

Design and Adequacy of Data Center and Monitoring Center with 2200 cameras, 95 autonomous monitoring centers, a central monitoring center, which includes redundant modular UPS, Air Precision, Access Control, Blades Servers, Storage Equipment and Storage Libraries, with availability time of 7 x 24 x 365. (Year 2016/2017)


Implementation of the first new generation CMTS nodes (cBr-8) simplifying the traditional CMTS model to a future CCAP (Year 2016).


Implementation of the second phase of the most reliable and robust private data center in the country (to date with 100% uptime in all its systems) with a capacity of 80 racks, 2(N+1) energy and thermal redundancy (N+1 in each room), high levels of security, transfer to the new power plant without interruption of service and maintaining operation 7x24x365, operators' room, policies, processes and procedures (Year 2016-2017)


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