The ITC Group is a multinational corporation of private capital dedicated to the commercialization of Products, Services and Solutions of information technology and communications, with the objective of contributing in the generation of value and growth of its strategic partners.

ITC is recognized for its extensive business experience, reaching 30 years in the field, standing out among its competitors for its commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of its products and services, respect for the environment by developing solutions that include the use of clean and alternative energies, constantly trained professionals and strategic alliances with the best international brands, which allow it to obtain as a final result solid and lasting relationships with the best companies in the countries where it operates.

The company has operations in the United States and emerging Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador, with a team of around 300 highly competitive professionals and engineers who work based on corporate values.


To contribute to people and companies to achieve and implement their cutting-edge technological goals with responsibility, integrity and care for the environment.


To provide our clients with cutting-edge technological solutions that improve their businesses, processes, services and increase their profitability. To be led by men and women of cultural diversity, who understand the needs of the market and customers, who have the capacity for change and permanent adaptation, and who always work together with the same objective


ITC's quality results are the direct consequence of the contribution of the members of the professional work team, who responsibly perform their functions based on the fulfillment of corporate values, thus building a balanced work environment where the commitment to continuous improvement and teamwork is emphasized.

ITC is represented by the corporate values that are immersed in the daily work, being its fundamental pillars:

Social Responsibility

The IT and technology market is undoubtedly the most dynamic and rapidly evolving market today. The technology of the new digital era allows immediate access to knowledge that in previous times would have taken years to collect. Our company is aware of the potential for cultural transformation that current technology offers and its direct impact on the personal and professional development of the population. As technology providers, we feel part of the transformation of our society and work to build greater human and social capital, minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive ones of our industry.

Following the guidelines of our values, we understand the Corporate Social Responsibility as the development of an integral strategy to the business, which summons everyone with whom we interact to offer them access to new technologies, disseminate the global access to knowledge, provide innovative solutions for future generations and generate an awareness of responsible use of technology.

Our Corporate Responsibility Policy is reflected through work plans, programmes, projects and activities based on the relationship with our different stakeholders and created with the purpose of integrating all areas in the sustainable development of the ITC Group.

Our Responsibilities